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Photo frame repeats some photos more often than others

Some customers may notice that the photo frame repeats a few photos a couple of times within a relatively short period of time such as an hour or two, even though there are many photos on the SD card and not all photos have been displayed yet.

The cause of this behavior is that the photo frame displays photos in a purely random fashion, where it picks the next picture to show by pure chance. If there are only a few hundred photos loaded on the SD card, then it is statistically very likely that one or a few photos will be repeated within a short period of time. This effect is also more noticeable if the slide show speed is set to a relatively fast speed, such as 3, 5, or 15 seconds.

This effect becomes much less noticeable once there are a thousand or more photos on the SD card, and if the slide show speed is set for a longer duration such as 1 minute. We hope these recommendations will help improve the random playback for your photos.

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