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Micca Electronics

Support and Warranty Information

Micca is committed to providing high quality products at competitive prices, backed up by excellent service. Our products are protected against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of original purchase. The detailed terms of this warranty is provided below. If you are experiencing problems using a product and believe it might be defective, please give us an opportunity to resolve the issue to your satisfaction by submitting a support request through the form below. Our technical support team will respond promptly to your request within 24-48 hours.

Micca Limited Warranty

Except where indicated differently, the following standard limited warranty is valid for Micca Branded products. Where differences and contradictions occur, warranty terms in product-specific description, listing, invoices, and receipts, those terms shall take precedence over the following standard terms.

The manufacturer warrants all Micca Branded products against defects in materials and workmanship for a limited period of 1 year, unless otherwise superseded by product-specific description, listing, invoices, or receipts. During the limited period, the manufacturer will repair or replace defective products at the manufacturer’s sole option. Customer must pay for all return shipping costs during the limited period. The limited warranty period starts at the date of original purchase. This limited warranty applies only to purchases from authorized Micca retailers. This limited warranty is extended only to the original purchaser and is valid only to consumers in the same country as the authorized retailer from which the original purchase was made.

This limited warranty only covers failures due to defects in materials or workmanship that occur during normal use. It does not cover failures resulting from accident, fire, flood, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, misapplication, alteration, faulty installation, modification, service by anyone other than the manufacturer, or damage that is attributable to Acts of God. It does not cover costs of transportation to the manufacturer or damage in transit. Customers should return defective products, freight prepaid and insured, to the manufacturer or authorized warranty service center only after receiving a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Customers are required to provide a copy of the original sales invoice from an authorized retailer when making a claim against this limited warranty.

Within the term of this warranty, defective products send to the manufacturer or authorized warranty center for warranty service will be assessed a fee to cover shipping and handling of the repaired or replacement product back to the customer. The fee amount depends on the product and covers labor/handling, packaging materials, and standard shipping.

Repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty does not extend the term of this warranty. Should a product prove to be defective in workmanship or material, the customer’s sole remedies will be repair or replacement as provided under the terms of this warranty. If the defective product is discontinued the manufacturer may replace the product with an equivalent or superior product at its option. The limit of liability under this warranty is the original purchase price of the product. Any cost of re-installation is the sole responsibility of the customer and that cost shall not be the responsibility of the manufacturer. Under no circumstances shall the manufacturer or its retailers be liable for loss or damage, direct, consequential or incidental, arising out of the use of or inability to use the product. There are no express warranties other than described above.