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How to make photo rotations permanent

Micca brand photo frames are designed to display photos as-is without making any changes to them. This ensures that your photos are never accidentally damaged or overwritten. The rotation function provided by the photo frame only changes how the current photo is shown on screen – the rotation change is not saved to the photo file. Therefore, the next time the photo is shown, it is again displayed without any rotation applied.

Depending on how a photo is taken and saved, the image may be incorrectly rotated and show up sideways or upside down on a Micca photo frame. This same photo may look just fine on another device or on the computer since not all devices or software correctly use the rotation flag stored in the image file. Micca photo frames use EXIF rotation flags so it is important to ensure that they are set appropriately. This tutorial provides you with instructions on fixing incorrectly rotated photos.

Dowload Tutorial:

icon-pdf-smallMicca Image Rotation Tutorial (opens in a new tab/window)

Mac OS X Users:

The above tutorial is written to be used with the FastStone image viewer software. Unfortunately FastStone is not available for Macs, but a similar software is available and can be used to perform the same rotation fix based on the tutorial:

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