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Micca OriGen/OriGen+ Does Not Support DTS or Dolby AC3 Signal

micca-origen-dts-ac3-disableThe Micca OriGen/OriGen+ supports PCM or DSD audio decoding over USB. It does not support decoding of DTS or Dolby AC3 audio streams. Furthermore, it is limited to decoding PCM signals over the optical input since DSD cannot be transmitted over an optical connection due to bandwidth limitations.

When configuring the OriGen/OriGen+ device properties, be sure that “DTS” and “Dolby Digital” checkboxes are unchecked. Similarly, if you are connecting the OriGen/OriGen+ to the optical output on your computer, check that the device properties for the optical output also has the “DTS” and “Dolby Digital” checkboxes blank. This ensures that the computer will perform decoding of DTS and Dolby signals, and output the audio in PCM format.

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