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Micca OriGen Driver Install – Windows 10

With more recent releases of Windows 10, the driver installation sequence has changed in a way that was not anticipated in the Micca OriGen driver package. While we work on a driver package update, please observe the following instructions when installing the driver on Windows 10:

  1. Be sure the OriGen is not connected to the computer.
  2. Download the OriGen driver package to your computer’s “Downloads” folder, and extract it.
  3. Inside the driver folder, right-click on “Step-1-Turn-On-Install-Mode” and select Run as administrator. A window will pop up showing execution results – if you see an error that “Secure Boot” has prevented the settings change, you must temporarily disable Secure Boot and execute this step again. Microsoft provides instructions on how to disable Secure Boot in this tutorial: [link to tutorial]. If no errors are displayed, restart your computer when prompted.
  4. Once the computer finishes restarting, Inside the driver folder, double-click on “Step-2-Install-Driver”. Follow the install prompts and on the final screen click No, I will restart my computer later and click Finish.
  5. At this time, connect the OriGen and turn it on.
  6. In the driver folder, double-click on “Step-3-Fix-Driver-Association”, the Device Manager window will open. Expand the Sound, video and game controllers group, there should be a VIA USB Device listed with a triangle exclamation mark.
  7. Right click on the VIA USB Device and select Properties, the pop up box will show the error “Driver is not intended for this platform”.
  8. Click on Update Driver, then click on Browse my computer for driver software. Click on Browse and navigate to the driver folder, and the sub folder “WIN10”, Click Next when ready. The driver will be installed correctly.
  9. Inside the driver folder, right-click on “Step-4-Turn-Off-Install-Mode” and select Run as administrator. Restart your computer when prompted.

The last few steps should look similar to the screen shot below:

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