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Micca Speck Does Not Recognize Certain Seagate Expansion Desktop USB Hard Drives

The Micca Speck does not recognize certain Seagate Expansion desktop USB hard drives including the following models:

  • STBV2000100 – 2TB USB 3.0
  • STBV1000100 – 1TB USB 3.0

The affected Seagate Expansion USB hard drives use their own power supply and has a delayed turn-on mechanism that is not supported by the Micca Speck media player. When connected to the Micca Speck, the Speck detects the drive but is not able to read its contents or play any media files from it. Older Seagate Expansion desktop USB hard drives, as well as Seagate portable USB hard drives are not affected by this compatibility issue.

There has been no reports of incompatibility with other brands of external desktop USB hard drives such as Western Digital or Toshiba. This issue is unique to the specific Seagate USB hard drive models listed above.

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